I still remember my first bought LP's:

"Deep Purple - Made in Japan and Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced". Since than I am infected with music virus...

There remained not only by listening to music. I tried to copy my idols and start to played guitar to.

My first guitar was a no name acoustic. I built myself a pickup and plug it in a old tube receiver.

That's was!

In the meantime I played bass in many bands...We never became famous, but it's make no differnet.

Music became important part of my life.



Since 2006 I teach guitar in the Arno's guitar academy "Music For Fun"( see Homepage ).

This is a complete new experinence for me, but it's make lot of fun and satisfaction.


My guitars

Furch D24-SR; Furch D32-SM; Furch D20-CM12; HBN-150CEBK Resonator guitar, Fender Stratocaster

Vintage Modified Jazz Bass® '70s, Aria Super Pro II Bass, Classic Vibe Jazz Bass® '60s



Fender Blues De Luxe Amp; GA5H Tube Head + 1x12 Box; Gallien & Krueger Backline 600 Head + 4x10 Box + 1 x 15 Box

Behringer Ultrabass BX1200; Behringer Ultrabass BVT 4500H Head + 2x10 Box + 1 x 15 Box